Medical Alert and Home Safety

With the constant advances in modern medicine, people are living longer and fuller lives than ever before. One of the challenges that a family faces as parents and grandparents get older is the need to balance safety with a sense of personal freedom.
Today’s seniors are active people who don’t want to give up their independence in exchange for safety. Of course, there are risks associated with aging that must be addressed. Falls, health crises, fires and break-ins all pose a potential risk, especially to the senior citizen who lives on their own. For information on Long Term Healthcare, click here.

Fortunately, there are many products on the market that can provide a sense of comfort for both seniors and their families, while allowing the elderly an opportunity to live on their own and enjoy their lives the way they want to.

Medical Alert Systems For Falls and Accidents

There are many devices on the market today that help the active senior live an independent life. Medical Alert Systems are typically worn as either a necklace or watch style device, with buttons used to alert and communicate with trained operators prepared to call in the help required by the situation.

Some brands have sensors that can detect a fall even if the senior is unable to push the button to signal for help. No matter whether you have suffered an injury from a fall, feel the beginnings of a heart attack coming on, smell smoke or hear the sound of a possible intruder, these operators are just the click of a button away, ready to contact your local fire department or police station and send the help you need.

24/7 Response

Operators associated with your medical alert device are available at all hours of the day and night. No one knows when you might suffer an injury from a fall or feel the stirrings of a medical emergency.

Well trained operators are ready to ask important questions and get you the help you need. Most models allow the operator to stay on the line with you until emergency personal show up, calming and comforting while ensuring that the emergency staff are by your side before hanging up. Some models even include a GPS to assist seniors who might get lost or disoriented when out and about.

This is particularly important for those seniors who might be suffering from early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease, but desperately desire to remain independent for as long as possible.

Easy To Use

Medical Alert Systems are simple to set up and easy to use. When the system arrives, you need only plug the base into a wall socket, connect a phone line and go. The large button is much easier to press than dialing a phone and access to a trained operator is immediate.

The pendant or bracelet is easy to wear, water-proof and small enough to be hidden under clothing while remaining durable enough for everyday life. With just the touch of a button you have the sense of security that someone is there to help no matter the situation.

Piece Of Mind At An Affordable Price

Available in a variety of options such as with landline, without landline, and on the go, Medical Alert Systems can be ordered for a low monthly cost, no hidden fees or activation costs included. Simply choose the best option for your life and pay a single monthly bill.

There’s no contracts to sign or long term commitments involved. Add extras such as fall detection for an additional fee, included on your monthly billing and enjoy the security that even if you have fallen and cannot push the button, help will be dispatched.

People these days are enjoying active lifestyles and greater health. Seniors are no exception. Give your family a sense of security that your safety is well in hand while continuing to enjoy the personal freedom you crave. Medical Alert Systems are the perfect way to balance security and independence for the senior on the go.


Carlos Lopez is the director for Disabled Friends. He also handles the department of disability resources for MedicareFAQ, a learning resource center for all seniors and Medicare beneficiaries.